Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stamp Camp November 2006

I have using SU! Products for... probably about 6 months now.
I'm not a demenstrator, I found Jamie through the www when I first heard about the SU! stamp products.
I met her at Artic Circle to work out details for my first SU! Party. Boy was that fun!
Not a lot of people showed up, but the right people did show up - and we had a blast.
The next SU! Party we had at my mother in law's house. Closer to my sister in law and we wanted to include her in the party - Along with all the neighbors over there. That was a big hit.
We had another party over there just at the end of November - I'll post pictures of those Christmas cards we made after the Stamp Camp Stuff :)


SU Stamp camp was a lot of fun, we made some really cute things.I took my daughter and a friend with me.

First picture was our Gift boxes. used SU! Snowflake Spots. I loved it so much I bought the stamp set :)
It was a HUGE hit at our Stampin' Up Party the following week :)

Next we made a 3X3 card holder that opened up and held 3 Different 3X3 cards

Then I used the Wheel for the first time - sad to say it was also my first time using the crimper (shhh)

We made these really cute CD holders -
My daughter had a blast with the Wheel, I ended up buying the gingerbread man wheel for Christmas :)

FINALLY we made our way to the last table and made a really cute Gift bag and matching card -

Using heat embossing on the outer part of the tree - Not my first time with the heat embossing but it was my daughters, she'll be 8 on Jan 1st - so most of the stuff she did that day was a first for her.
my mother in law bought this set at our SU! Party
I copied the card and made a few extra cards for Christmas:)

AND THAT was the end of Stamp camp. Because my daughter is young I had to stop to help her a lot. We went in the morning session - I think it was 10 am til 1 pm. then the next session started at 2:00 - we left there about 1:45 - My SU Demenstrator was really sweet about staying around and helping us get everything stamped out so we could take it home to assemble.


Colleen said...

WOW! These are great projects. My oldest daughter is five and loves to stamp with me. I will be glad when she is a bit older and I can bring her with me to stamp camps. Thanks for sharing your work!

Anonymous said...

Your creative streak is showing. Love Samantha's name poster! Your cards are really lovely too!