Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stampin' Up Stuff

Ok I'm WAY behind on my blogging -sorry
the Workshops were GREAT! Brought in a total of $922 for all 3 workshops!
I hate to say I didn't make a single booking - but I got a few emails to keep in touch - so we'll see how it goes -

I've gone out to 3 neighborhoods out here by my house posting a note with technique booklets on almost 250 doors and not ONE SIGNLE Email or phone call to book - I'm getting really discouraged here - I don't know what else to do!! any demo's out there that has any advice I'd greatly appreaciate it!!

I started a demo website - you can check it out here - or - it was fun to make but to pay for it - I sure hope it helps!

I don't have anything booked so if anyone is interested :)
I have some way cute new samples for the make it/take for workshops - maybe even classes?
I have TONS of ideas for scrapbooking classes and 3d items - hundreds of cards and all sorts of different things - so I really don't know why anyone isn't interested! They're cute! I promise!!

I'm going to hold a retired list open house in July at my house - so if you're in the neighborhood - drop by! I'll have a card very simular to this card up for you to try out - using Punches! This card was CASED by Dawn's stampin' thoughts -

BUT That's in July -

Thanks for stopping by!

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