Saturday, March 24, 2007

Samantha's Name Framed

My daughter Samantha is 8 years old.
We were kind of bored this Saturday afternoon - my baby is sick so he's sleeping SO much :(
This is the first time in a while that Samantha wanted to make something with me - usually she's off playing with her friends - but we had fun.

I found a cute sample from SCS by lynzianne - well kind of. we liked the colors she used :) And because she used the name Brooklyn and Samantha's name was pretty long we tilted the letters like she did - but My daughter Stamped the background and stenciled the letters and played with my glue dots while I put the ribbon around the frame. So I guess no we really didn't case this frame - just took her idea and went our own way with it :)

Ok enough babbling - here's the picture of the frame :)

Cute huh? It's the first time for me making something like this - we just used a dollar store stamp for the flowered background and the ribbon and cardstock was from Roberts craft store - We used prima flowers to match the letters and a little golden heart brad in the center that we also got at the dollar store :)

And that is Samantha's Name Framed :)

My other daughter Christina wants to make one - and my boys Casey and Cody want to make one too - we'll see how the rest of the weekend goes time wise :)

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