Saturday, March 24, 2007

Card Box

Ok it's my first so I'm really excited to post this :)
I TRIED following the directions from someone's template on SCS but I just can't follow directions without pictures to go with it - ugh! My measurements never work out - and I HATE Scoring paper!

I took a standard sized card and just started scoring around it and kind of made my own little template for the box - I couldn't tell you the measurments if my life depended on it - but it worked out - not too shabby for my first try :)

My mother in law gave me a packet of 12X12 patterend paper for Christmas? Or sometime around there? Maybe it was Thanksgiving? I can't remember - sorry Debbie :) BUT I loved the paper - Oh yeah it was before Christmas because I used some of it to make the Decorated folders for my kid's teachers for Christmas gifts :) SOOO yeah sorry -

Anyways - I LOVED this paper - it has about 4 or 5 different designs that match with probably 5 different colors - it has a matching sheet of alphabet sticers and punch out embelishments -

Well I was looking to make the One Sheet Wonder cards (like 10 different cards using one piece of 12X12 paper) BUT I decided to make a couple of cards using each of the matching papers to go with it.

I left the sentaments blank so whoever I give this to (as a gift) or keep for myself - I may make another one to give away? Depending on my mood :) BUT ok enough babbling - I left the sentament area blank so that when I (Or whoever) needs the card it's available for whatever reason - happy birthday - thank you - thinking of you - happy days - or whatever -

SOOOO now that I confused everyone about how I made it, where I got the paper and ideas from - ha ha here are the pictures :)

The box :)

And 2 more matching cards - I have one more set of matching cards but the picture didn't come out - sorry - will try that one again another time - too lazy :) BUT you get the idea :)

SO what do you think? I'm still new to the crafting stuff - but at least I'm trying new things out :)

Thanks for looking!

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