Thursday, July 5, 2007

And the rest of June

June was super busy for me because we went to Lake Powell!
I had so much to get ready for I didn't have time to do much else-
lets see -

Cory's and Marla's and Sheri's birthday were in june -
We went to willard Bay to go boating - the water was so low it was scary to bring the boats in the water - but we did put one in and had a nice day :)

Cory and I had our 11th anniversary - went to the Crab Shack for dinner - YUM!

Went to Walmart and got rid of all the kittens but one - that last one is the hardest - no one wants him - he's kinda fisty and hisses whenever anyone goes out there - so we may have another cat hanging around :(

Went to Powell and had a blast!
First night there - Collin's head started to swell - so we took him to the ER - he said he hit his head - but ummmm I was holding him the whole day - there was no way he hit hhis head without me knowing about it!

Friday at Powell we just hung out and played all day - Marla got sick and she got a hotel room - Sheri and family decided they had enough camping and wanted a room too so they stayed til bedtime then left -
OH And Casey and Cory and Jesse caught a cat fish - yuck

Saturday Debbie woke everyone up bright and early to enjoy the SMOOTH water - she said you can tell when everyoen's getting old when they sleep through the best water :)

Shane and family left in the evening - we did smores and peach cobbler - YUM! Oh and they cooked the cat fish too - blach!
Then everyone said it might be best for me to sleep in the spare bed at the hotel for Collin's sake - I didn't really want to but I did - we slept great!

Sunday we got up and Will was on his way up to the hotel with the flu - so that thing was HORRIBLE!
Glad we didn't get it!

Packed up everything and hit the road - finally got in at 9:30 Sunday night - whew :)

monday we weren't convinced about Collins' swelling head - so we went to the Pediatrics and he wanted a C.T. scan - So made the appt for the 5th (today )

Tuesday - happy 4th of July (happy birthday Kadie! I'll send your your gift on the 16th!) we watched fire works on our lawn from accross the lake - they were tiny but the kids loved it. So all's good. Nic was over and Casey found Cory's stash of flowers from like 2 years ago - and they had fun lighting all those too :)

This morning we got up and went to the Primary children's hospital and got Collin's C.T. Scan - they wouldnt' tell us the results we had to talk to our dr - so Cory dropped the kids and I off at home and went to pesture the dr until he called over there with the results - Sure-nuff' Collin had fractured his skull! YIKES!
We think it was about 3-4 weeks ago when he fell off Samantha's bed - She loves to take him in there to play with him while "cleaning" I didn't see it happen but I heard him crying - but all my other kids had fallen hundreds of times when they were babies without any problems - well no not really hundreds of times but every kid hits their heads at some point in their life - ok so mine did two or three times or so, but we had no reason to think anything was wrong. I kept him up for 3 hours - his eyes seemed ok , there was no bump at the time or anything - sooo I don't know -
BUT we went back tot he dr's this afternoon and he said there is a small fracture - but there is a little bleeding under it - so I guess that's why it was swelling up - the swelling is way down today - so hopefully that means the bleeding stopped.

BUT now we have to go in on monday for a rutine skeletal x-ray on collin to rule out child abuse - because NO we don't beat our kids - or throw them around or drop them on their heads for fun :) or anything like that - So get that part out of the way - then we have to get his eyes checked and make sure they're doing ok - might take Cody with us and get his eyes checked too - THEN Collin needs his 4 month shots next week also (yes he's 5 months but I was a month late getting his 2 month shots - soo yah yeah yeah)

ANYWAYS - OH the fire by my house is STILL going - not the one below from June 6th 0 the one from June 24th - they "had it out" on Thursday the 28th, but then a "new" fire started on Friday morning - and now there are 3 different fires going on up there - for over a week now and it's still gross and smokey out here :(

AND that's that-so now you're up to date -

IF you're still here reading this -here is a picture of a lunchbox tin I did last month - nothing big but.. just a little something :)

When did I make this? I think it was for Marla's - or was it for Sheri's birthday?? I made one for each of them but different paper - I think this one was Marla's -
On the inside of them has little deviders and I added a few cards I made from old swaps - they loved it though :) So yeah :)

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